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The point source

As already known, Audio Consequence is strong supporter of the coax style, at least from the mid bass to the highest heights

An addition of the lowest octaves with an additional woofer or subwoofer can not be rejected (even at the strictest interpretation of the principle), cause as a result of the big waveslengths of low frequencies (100 Hz = 343 cm) a moderate distance between the drivers is negligible.

The combination with a potent low-frequency support, which can range up to 200 Hz, is therefore to be welcomed according to the application, even it is not necessary in every case by far.


To reach the ideal of a coaxial soundsource, the tweeter has to be in the middle of the woofer and the acoustic centres has to be in the same level, so that the frequencies of both drivers reach the ear at the same time indepentently of the angle, in which you hear it. In this case we talk about a coincidence source.

To reach this ideal, we canīt take more simple solutions in which the tweeter for example is situated on a bridge in front of the woofer. The complex integration of the tweeter in the voice coil of the woofer is left over.


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